!!!UPDATE!!! New Century Elementary School Promotes Christian Store


It pays to complain.  After CNCAH members sent a deluge of emails to the Cumberland County School District office, the principal of New Century Elementary School was ordered to remove the illegal and inappropriate advertisement.  When asked why it was put up in the first place, a district employee claimed the school’s PTA was promoting a fund raiser.  It’s odd that the FaceBook page for the Christian online store didn’t mention the PTA fund raiser; not that it would make using our schools to promote religion any more exceptable.   


New Century ES advertises Christian business

New Century Elementary School which also houses the West Regional Branch Library has decided to use their announcement sign to advertise a Christian store, Blessings Unlimited.   The sign reads “VISIT BLESSINGS UNLIMITED WWW.FB.COM/DEUT288″.  The Facebook page advertises a business selling Christian gifts and home decor.  Your tax dollars at work!

Not to let a Constitutional violation go unchecked, I sent the below message to the Cumberland County School Ditrict asking for the immediate removal of this sign.   You can voice your objection, too, by sending a comment to http://www.ccs.k12.nc.us/Email/GeneralInformationContact.htm.

Cumberland County Schools:  “Request removal of the advertisement for a Christian products store (Blessings Unlimited) from the sign in front of New Century Elementary School and West Regional Branch Library. This sign, supporting both a religious entity and commercial enterprise, is a clear Constitutional violation. Public schools are not allowed to promote either. If the New Century ES principal and staff are not aware of this basic Constitutional law, they should be educated. If they are aware and choose to ignore it, then sterner measures should be taken.”


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