New Leadership

The CNCAH Board of Directors has formally accepted Stanley’s resignation as President of CNCAH.  Stan has resigned for personal reasons, which will not be disclosed to CNCAH members.

In accordance with our bylaws, Vice President Jeremy Tranka has adopted the position of President until election by General Assembly in January 2012.  Please join me in supporting Jeremy in his new role!

Since joining CNCAH in June, 2011, Jeremy has been an extremely active and enthusiastic member.  We encourage all full CNCAH members to get involved in the viagra to buy'>viagra to buy planning and execution of activities, advocacy, and fellowship.  With Jeremy’s guidance, we look forward to continued growth as the  region’s oldest and most prominent non-theist community.

On behalf of the Central North Carolina Atheist & Humanists Board of Directors, we welcome and congratulate Jeremy as our newest CNCAH President!

Geri Weaver, Past President of CNCAH

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CQSC Campership Award Winner Heads to Camp!

What a gorgeous day to begin Camp Quest South Carolina’s first full week of camp!  CNCAH is proud to have awarded a full sponsorship to 8 year old first time camper Levi!  I can’t wait to hear all about the adventures that await the campers – I know they will have a week full of fun, friendship, and freethinking!  As a special treat, Todd Stieful will be part of the Camp Quest experience, taking part in the activities and enjoying all the succulent salisbury steak and mac ‘n cheese he can eat.  YUM!  Many thanks to our generous CNCAH members who came together to donate the funds for the campership – a $550 value – awarded to Levi, and congratulations to Amy Monsky and look there on viagra her staff for providing this amazing opportunity for children of freethinking families.  My son Ryan has been looking forward to this week since CQSC’s family weekend back in October!  Too all the campers and staff – have a wonderful, safe, and superstition free week!!


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Campership to Camp Quest – South Carolina!


CNCAH is sponsoring one lucky child to attend Camp Quest South Carolina for FREE (a $550 value)! Please share this link with friends and family who may be interested in applying! Hurry… entry is limited to the cheapest cialis online first 50 applicants OR until June 27, 2012 (whichever comes first)!

Use this survey link to submit an entry or copy and paste to share this offer:

The Campership is open to any child between 8 and 17 years old; you can learn more about Camp Quest South Carolina by exploring their website.

Share the offer or enter a child that you would like to receive the Camp Quest experience for FREE!

* This opportunity was provided by our very generous CNCAH members through monetary donations and fundraisers! *

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

Thank you and good luck!

Geri Weaver

CNCAH Past President

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"8" The Play Fundraiser Results

On a day that seemed to be foretelling of what lays in store for the summer, I found myself briskly walking along the sidewalks of downtown Fayetteville, trying to hurry as much as possible without actually running, for that would have opened the floodgates of sweat on this hot afternoon. But, I was on a mission, and I had to get to the Cameo because in just one hour I was going to be onstage reading a role that bears greatly on the sizzling hot topic of Amendment One. “8″ The Play was written by Dustin Lance Black who is most well known for winning an Academy Award for his screenplay for the film Milk. “8″ revolves around the actual courtroom case seeking to overturn Proposition 8 that banned same sex marriages in California. The play is smart, funny, and most of all thought provoking and enlightening on the issue. When all is said and cialis from canada done, by means of the very court transcripts that were unable to be suppressed despite desperate attempts to do so, fear and bigotry are clearly trumped by the very foundations that support the nation we love; civil rights.

So it was, that on that late afternoon, I arrived at the Cameo in order to shift into whirlwind mode, or what might have been more accurately described as chaotic frenzy, in my efforts to help setup for the dramatic reading of such an important and relevant event. Joining me in this rush to get set was a group of people that really came together to shine and create something that rises above the mundane and speaks a loud message to all. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent some time in the past working with the Horrible Folks, a local improv troupe well known for their fantastic evenings of live comedy and film skits at the Cameo, and now several members from their ranks were there to lend their talent and skills to the project. But, it didn’t stop there, also in the fray helping setup were members from the Unitarian Universalists Congregation of Fayetteville, among them John Mattox who originally inspired the idea of a local dramatic reading of 8. Equally valuable to the mix were some of our friends from The Alliance of the Fayetteville-Sandhills Region, a coalition between straight members of the community and the LGBT community, whose constant goal is to raise awareness and educate the masses about equality for all. Perhaps shocking to some believers that would assume as Atheists and Humanists, we wouldn’t have anything to do with religion, we were also graced by two pastors from the Diversity in Faith Church, a Christian church and community for all people, that were able to add to our already varied mix of local performers and theater talent. Some of us had previous experience with acting, theater, and performing, and on the other hand some had never even been on a stage before in their life, thus requiring them to make that colossal leap of bravery to physically get up in front of an audience and deliver.

As the doors opened and people began to find their seats, we were quickly putting the finishing touches on our last preparations. We were indeed lucky to have the privilege of the musical stylings of local musician Autumn Nicholas, a wonderful local talent, treasure, and a great person all around. As Autumn wrapped up, we took our places on stage for the reading. We began the main event, directing our performance out to the crowd of nearly 70 people seated in the theater. Our audience was quite diverse, much like the cast of the reading itself, with people from all walks of life, which also included Representative Rick Glazier. I can only hope that the people watching the generic cialis sale'>generic cialis sale performance had half as much fun as we had bringing it to them. I’m very confident that was the case as evidenced by the warm reception and congratulations after the reading. Attendees, some very clearly moved by emotion, showered their thanks and order viagra online canada'>order viagra online canada appreciation of the efforts to raise awareness and our efforts to help lift our community to a higher level of humanity and understanding.
In the end, we are very happy to share that we managed to generate almost five hundred dollars by our efforts. Members of CNCAH quickly, and unanimously, voted to contribute group funds to round up the total of donations to an even $500. These funds have been contributed to in order to aid the truly righteous fight of educating the populace of N.C. about the harms, dangers, and hurtful nature of this unconstitutional vote looming on May 8th.

We thank everyone involved in making this happen, and we thank everyone that came out to support our stand. We most especially wish to thank our friends at the Cameo Art House Theater for allowing us to use their venue in downtown Fayetteville for this event. Many businesses would have quickly denied such a request in an effort to avoid being caught in the middle of a controversial issue. Our community is greatly advantaged by a business that clearly cares about the town of which it is an essential part, and is even willing to take business risks to advocate a better way and a better philosophy benefiting that very community. In addition, I wish to also thank the American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact, with special attention to Jenny Kanelos, who made all of this possible in the first place.
I personally came away wondering if perhaps you can only truly feel like an American when one takes up the mantle to fight the the best place cheapest prices on viagra good fight regardless of the odds, regardless of the outcome, and regardless of the potential risks. It certainly makes me proud to know I stood with my fellow citizens, my friends, and my community to strive for that higher plane, that greater good, that more perfect union.

Thank you!


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CNCAH Speaker Series – Amanda Knief

CNCAH Speaker Series

Proudly Presents

Amanda Knief


Saturday, May 4th @ 7PM


5509 Yadkin Rd
Fayetteville, NC 28301
(910) 678-8899


CNCAH is please to have Amanda Knief joining us in our speaker series as she shares her experiences and techniques on how to become an effective public policy activist and lobbyist. 

Amanda Knief

Amanda Knief is the Government Relations Manager for the Secular Coalition for America, where she toils daily to convince members of Congress to see the light … of reason. (She has lots of work to do.) Amanda enjoys being a truly godless lobbyist – advocating for the rights of nontheists and for the separation of church and state. Amanda previously worked as Legal Counsel for the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency in the Iowa Legislature. She is also cofounder of Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in mass communication and journalism from Iowa State University and a law degree from Drake University.



Amanda Speaking to President Obama


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Marriage Equality Fundraiser

With any doubt at all, CNCAH stands firmly for the freedom and rights of all people. No group, regardless of size, has the right to deny the rights or privileges of another group, or even just a single person. Thus, we have naturally embraced marriage equality, and the viagra without prescriptions right of people to enjoy the same standards of living as any other.

To further that goal, we are throwing a fundraiser to help generate funds to fight the good fight, and to protect the freedom that all Americans deserve. Thus, we have joined forces with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fayetteville, alongside The Alliance of the Fayetteville-Sandhills Region (a local straight/LGBT coalition dedicated to fighting for equal rights) to bring a one night only dramatic reading of the play “8″ by Dustin Lance Black.

Review from the website “8″ The Play:

Uncover the cialis overnite truth about marriage for gay and lesbian Americans. “8″—a new play by Academy-award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk, J. Edgar)—demystifies the debate around marriage equality by chronicling the landmark trial of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. Learn about the historical context of marriage from expert testimony. See the human cost of discrimination. Uncover the arguments used to justify bans on marriage for gay and lesbian couples. Using the actual court transcripts from the landmark federal trial of California’s Prop. 8 and first-hand interviews, “8″ shows both sides of the debate in a moving 90-minute play.

Join us Thursday, May 3rd at 5pm (Doors at 5, reading at 5:30) at the Cameo Art House Theater in downtown Fayetteville as we tap the local theater talent including members of the very popular improv troupe, the Horrible Folks to present the dramatic reading for your enjoyment. The best part is that the event is FREE! However, we will be asking for donations to aid in the struggle to obtain marriage equality for all.

Even if you’re not able to attend, you can still lend your support to freedom and rights for all Americans by visiting our website and clicking on the DONATE button. All donations received on our website until the enter site buy cialis online canadian phamacy vote on May 8th will be contributed to funding the fight for marriage equality.

Feel free to visit the website of our friends and allies in this effort to learn more about the people right here in your community committed to freedom and equal rights for all.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fayetteville

The Alliance of the Fayetteville-Sandhills Region

The Horrible Folks

Cameo Art House Theater

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CNCAH Hosts Booth at Dogwood Festival

As many people know, this weekend promises to be quite exciting in the Fayetteville area as the 30th annual extravaganza known as the Dogwood Festival swings around for another year. CNCAH is proud to be hosting a booth representing our group this year at the event. To our knowledge, this marks the very first time that an openly secular booth will be in attendance. We are very excited about the opportunity to raise awareness of our goals and values. There are plenty of people that simply are not satisfied with old methods and philosophies, and seek a new approach in life that is based on reason and science. That is exactly what we stand for, and we’re here to let them know they are not alone.

Drop on by the booth and very good site cialis tablets for sale say hello, hang out for a little bit, learn what we’re about and what we’re up to. If you’re lucky, you may even get your hands on some of our awesome schwag.

Hope to see you there!

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What – no angry Atheists?

When I was walking toward the parking lot on Saturday, a young lady walked toward me carrying a sign that read “This is what an Atheist looks like.” As she began to cross the street a security guard stopped her and made her throw the sign away. I asked him why and he said that no picketing is allowed on post. That situation demonstrated the atmosphere leading up to Rock Beyond Belief (RBB). It seemed many people were concerned there would be trouble. But that is to be expected when a social precedence is set. And while RBB doesn’t rank up there with Rosa Parks’ famous bus ride or Harvey Milk’s successful run for office, it indeed set precedence. RBB, like the Reason Rally a week earlier, demonstrated that normal people with normal families live normal lives without religion. Unlike any other secular event, though, RBB also showed the world that America’s military is full of non-believers. And it did so without incidence. No riots, no mob violence. I am sorry if that disappointed some. But, as anyone involved with the secular movement could tell you, a firm but friendly stand is what you can expect from rational people fighting for acceptance. Because of events like RBB, we no longer need to carry a sign that says “This is what an Atheist looks like.” People already know.

What members of our group may not know, though, is that we trace the history of our current organization to the roots of this event. When the Billy Graham Evangelical Association held “Rock the Fort” on Fort Bragg in 2010, an event advertised to convert Soldiers to Christianity, the secular community on Fort Bragg and in the surrounding Fayetteville area were outraged. “Rock the Fort” became the proverbial straw that caused secular people in the community to say enough is enough. And they sought an organization around which to rally. With the momentum gained from this outpouring of interest, a cadre of members from the Cape Fear Atheists and Agnostics (CFAA) decided to take their local Meet-Up group to the next level. Led by Geri Weaver, a seasoned veteran in the cause for secular rights, the group decided that the best way to counter religious pressure was not by plotting an anti-religious counter attack, but by showing the friendly face of rational thinkers. Geri set up a meeting between CFAA members and Mike Werner, a former president of the American Humanist Association (AHA). CFAA members weren’t long into Mike’s presentation before realizing that Humanism was the core principle around which we wanted to build a new organization. And thus was born a new chapter of AHA, the Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists or CNCAH (pronounced “Seen-Ka”), Fayetteville’s first non-profit organization for freethinkers.

Since our founding on 12 February 2011, we more than double in size while tackling fun, new, and challenging projects. The first was a double hitter with the After Rapture Party and Greydon Square Concert. Afterwards, we added a regular line-up of events to include our monthly Critical Drinking, Happy Humanist Hour, and family oriented science programs; all the while participation in various festivals, scholarly debates, and secular celebrations. Recently, we joined forces with other secular groups in North and mexico cialis'>mexico cialis South Carolina to create a speakers tour to bring acclaimed personalities to these states at a fraction of the cost of independent efforts. And now with RBB, we add our first Humanist vendor booth to CNCAH’s repertoire of activities. Thanks to the members who manned the table throughout the day, booth sales exceeded our expectations. Also, even though we were not allowed to solicit membership on post during the event, the publicity we received from our booth resulted in a surge of new members.

So what’s next? Well, there’s no time to rest. On Easter Sunday, we are going to show Fayetteville that community service is a better alternative to worship service with our first Adopt-a-Highway clean-up event. A year in the making, CNCAH is finally and proudly responsible for 2 miles of Ramsey Street starting directly across from the Methodist University Golf Course. (Coincidence I assure you.)

So come out this Sunday, meet our new members, and let’s show the community who we are!

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Candidate without a Prayer

Herb Silverman Book Signing
Herb Silverman receiving CNCAH t-shirt from Ray Bradley

Why would a quiet professor of mathematics at the College of Charleston decide to run for the highest office in the state of South Carolina?
Because it was against the law for him to do so.

Herb Silverman set out on what became an eight year ordeal to change the fact that, in South Carolina, an atheist could not hold any public office from the elected position of governor down to a state commissioned notary public. This candidate without a prayer succeeded in overturning South Carolina’s offensive and discriminating constitutional provision through appeal all the way to the state’s supreme court. His autobiography and activist story, Candidate without a Prayer, goes on sale June 2012. However, on Saturday, the Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists arranged a book signing hosted by the City Center Gallery and Book Store where Herb talked about his difficult, but often humorous, experience. Advance copies of his book are still available at the City Center Gallery and Book Store for anyone who missed this opportunity to meet the former gubernatorial candidate from South Carolina.

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CNCAH to Protest Amendment One

One of the essential core values of Humanism is equality for all humans. Every single one of us deserves the same rights and liberties without question. Here in America, that is also a core value as well as an essential part of the foundation upon which our nation is built. While it is true that all these rights weren’t granted immediately to all persons upon that historical date in 1776; it has been through persistent effort, education, and activism that we have seen many of those unalienable rights being distributed appropriately, as indeed they should be. We have seen the horrors of slavery abolished just as we have seen the right to vote granted to women. Not one person can honestly stand and say these are not great success stories in the history of our nation. Our Declaration of Independence is not at all ambiguous in regards to the rights of our citizens: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yet, here we are in the midst of those that would willing betray the virtue of freedom to suite their own desires and brand name cialis'>brand name cialis paradigms. In particular, this is pointed at the Amendment One vote that approaches. It is unfathomable that seemingly normal and good natured people would, even for the briefest of moments, ever consider such a vile and despicable abomination. Nor is there any excuse to be allowed that validates the trampling of rights belonging to every fellow citizen. Under NO circumstances should righteous indignation or self-asserted morality be allowed to revoke freedoms explicitly and self-evidently endowed not only to all North Carolinians, but to ALL United States Citizens. Furthermore, no amount of excuses shall be sufficient to cleanse the stains of tyranny by the majority from our history if such a disgusting Amendment were to pass. For these very reasons, and many more, CNCAH finds it impossible to do nothing about such a blatant attempt to defile our state and our country to achieve an intangible comfort for those that don’t clearly understand or appreciate the true power, essence, beauty, glory, and honor of their own state or their nation.

Thus, CNCAH has officially joined the protest alongside The Alliance of the Sandhills – Fayetteville Region to stand united in opposition of Amendment One this Saturday, March 10th, in historic downtown Fayetteville at high noon. We highly encourage everyone that supports true freedom and rights for all people to come out and join us in a silent protest that sends a loud message to everyone that freedom is not to be denied anyone, and is not be doled out based upon the approval of demagogues.

Still not sure why you should be voting against Amendment One? Here’s a great summation of the major problems associated with this loosely worded attempt to deny people of their rights, and why it is imperative that you join the fight against the erosion of freedoms in our state and our country:

Protect ALL NC Families One-Pager

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