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Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists (CNCAH) is a Charter chapter of the American Humanists Association (AHA).  We invite you to visit the AHA website where you can learn about our progressive philosophy of life, free of www.antzuola.com supernaturalism, which promotes the http://unjournalismfellowship.org/viagra-australia-no-prescription ability and responsibility of all humans to lead ethical, natural, and fulfilling lives.

CNCAH is a community of local atheists, humanists, agnostics, freethinkers, and all those who refuse to believe in the supernatural.  We started as a meetup group to gather like-minded, everyday people for intelligent discussions and general good times.  Our meetup group is open to all American Humanist Association members in the Central NC region.  Come by and see what we are all about!

However, please keep in mind, we ARE a secular group.  We’ve got the facts and the fossils. Don’t be foolish enough to think we’re waiting around here to be converted to only here levitra no rx any form of theism.

Geri Weaver: Past President

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