2014 – The Year of levitra costs Humanist Resurgence

Harold Camping died Dec. 2013 – do you remember who he was? He was a National Sensation in 2011 [and several times in other years] for his claim that “the Rapture is the best choice high quality cialis upon us” and “the End is Nigh.” Needless to http://ahsrehab.org/cialis-by-mail say, he was wrong – nothing happened [maybe THAT is why you don't remember him - haha]

From Camping to Robertson to Graham to Falwell, theists have alternately praised the world’s happenings and called for its destruction because it was so ‘full of evil.’

What was the basis? A book written almost 2,000 years ago, based on stories passed down from hundreds [or thousands?] of years before that! Even the Book says ‘no one knows when the end will come’, but Camping thought he could do what “his own Belief” said could not be done. Wow, the Arrogance of some people.

Regardless of what is on the schedule for the cheap canadian levitra'>cheap canadian levitra world, CNCAH is pushing ahead with letting people in the Fayetteville area know that Atheists and Humanists are MORAL Beings, hoping to help others NOT based on FEAR of what might happen after we die, but simply because “it is the Right Thing To Do.” Along the way, we will spread our story, and hope that we can enlighten others to the message “We are All Humans, and as such Deserve Equal Treatment” – straight or not, transgender or stylist, Atheist, or a Believer in some Theist ‘god’ sect.

“Do unto Others as You want to have Done To You” was perhaps the best motto to it's great! levitra sale come out of the many religions – it is the ONLY thing we need to Believe in, the ONLY thing We Need To DO.


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