Supreme Court to Decide on Proposition 8

You may remember the reading of look there cialis to buy the play “8” that CNCAH held last May in the Cameo Theater.  If not, you missed an emotionally charged gathering of a diverse group of local people who came together to show their support for marriage equality by re-enacting the federal courtroom proceedings which overturned California’s Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 was a ballot vote to amend California’s constitution with a prohibition on gay marriage.  Though narrowly passing the vote, Proposition 8 was upheld by the state’s supreme court only to be subsequently struck down in federal court as a violation of due process (ballot) and equal protection (civil rights).  After the US Ninth District Appeals Court affirmed the federal court’s decision, proponents of Proposition 8 immediately filed for appeal to the US Supreme Court.

The federal courts refused to release video footage of the court proceedings that led to the overturn of Proposition 8.  This motion prevented the public from seeing that the only evidence presented by the defenders of buy viagra overnight Proposition 8 was homophobia and religious bigotry; both deemed inadmissible by Judge Walker.  In a show of support for gay rights, Dustin Black, writer of the Academy Award winning screenplay “Milk”, scripted the court proceedings into a play licensed for readings across the country.  It was this screenplay that members of CNCAH and our allies in marriage equality read to viagra buyviagra onlin the audience at the Cameo Theater.

As expected, the US Supreme Court decided on Dec 7, 2012 to hear the appeal concerning this controversial decision.  Concurrently, the court will hear the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act which was placed into law in 1996 by President Clinton.  With decisions in both cases expected next summer, we have the potential to achieve a momentous and historic advance for human rights in this country.  We at CNCAH are proud to show our support for marriage equality and look forward to the Supreme Court’s decisions!


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