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CNCAH Speaker Series Presents David Niose @ Ft. Bragg

David Niose
President of The American Humanist Association

David Niose’s background includes experience in law and mass communication. Having practiced law in Massachusetts since 1990, Niose has also worked in print and broadcast media, taught both history and law, and written extensively on a wide array of issues. Upon joining the AHA board in 2005, Niose initiated and helped develop the AHA’s media campaign. Niose has appeared in national media and spoken to groups around the country, emphasizing the importance of utilizing mass media to inject humanist ideas into the public dialogue, improve the public image of humanists, and sway public opinion away from the only now buy cialis online cheap religious right. As an attorney, Niose has advocated for church/state separation and the rights of humanists and other nontheists, and he is currently involved in implementing a legal strategy to enforce the rights of humanists and other nontheists via the avenue of equal protection law. He has worked with the Secular Coalition for America in various positions to help advocate for the rights of Secular Americans, and has served on the boards of Greater Worcester Humanists and Greater Boston Humanists.

Saturday, September 22nd @ 12pm
Watters Family Life Center
Building #1-3358 Corner of Knox and Randolph Streets
Ft Bragg, North Carolina
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The Shelf Collapses

Shawn and Paula recently joined CNCAH soon after leaving the canadian rx cialis'>canadian rx cialis Church of we choice buy low price cialis Later Day Saints.  If you have met Shawn and Paula at any of our events, you probably know how utterly fascinating their story from Mormonism to freethinking is.  So much so, in fact, that the American Atheists asked to interview them on Atheist Viewpoint TeleVision (AVTV).  Below is that interview in two parts hosted by David Silverman, President of the American Atheists, and A.J. Johnson, Director of Development.  If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the Mormon faith, you will enjoy this first-hand look into the world of Joseph Smith followers.


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New Leadership

The CNCAH Board of Directors has formally accepted Stanley’s resignation as President of CNCAH.  Stan has resigned for personal reasons, which will not be disclosed to CNCAH members.

In accordance with our bylaws, Vice President Jeremy Tranka has adopted the position of President until election by General Assembly in January 2012.  Please join me in supporting Jeremy in his new role!

Since joining CNCAH in June, 2011, Jeremy has been an extremely active and enthusiastic member.  We encourage all full CNCAH members to get involved in the planning and execution of activities, advocacy, and fellowship.  With Jeremy’s guidance, we look forward to continued growth as the  region’s oldest and most prominent non-theist community.

On behalf of get viagra fast'>get viagra fast the Central North Carolina Atheist & Humanists Board of Directors, we welcome and wow)) 50mg viagra retail price congratulate Jeremy as our newest CNCAH President!

Geri Weaver, Past President of CNCAH

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