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Candidate without a Prayer

Herb Silverman Book Signing
Herb Silverman receiving CNCAH t-shirt from Ray Bradley

Why would a quiet professor of mathematics at the College of Charleston decide to run for the how to get cialis without prescriotion highest office in the state of South Carolina?
Because it was against the law for him to do so.

Herb Silverman set out on what became an eight year ordeal to change the fact that, in South Carolina, an atheist could not hold any public office from the elected position of governor down to a state commissioned notary public. This candidate without a prayer succeeded in overturning South Carolina’s offensive and discriminating constitutional provision through appeal all the way to the state’s supreme court. His autobiography and activist story, Candidate without a Prayer, goes on sale June 2012. However, on Saturday, the Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists arranged a book signing hosted by the City Center Gallery and Book Store where Herb talked about his difficult, but often humorous, experience. Advance copies of his book are still available at the City Center Gallery and Book Store for anyone who missed this opportunity to meet the former gubernatorial candidate from South Carolina.

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CNCAH to Protest Amendment One

One of the essential core values of Humanism is equality for all humans. Every single one of us deserves the same rights and liberties without question. Here in America, that is levitra dose'>levitra dose also a core value as well as an essential part of the foundation upon which our nation is built. While it is true that all these rights weren’t granted immediately to all persons upon that historical date in 1776; it has been through persistent effort, education, and activism that we have seen many of those unalienable rights being distributed appropriately, as indeed they should be. We have seen the horrors of slavery abolished just as we have seen the right to vote granted to women. Not one person can honestly stand and say these are not great success stories in the history of our nation. Our Declaration of Independence is not at all ambiguous in regards to the rights of our citizens: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Yet, here we are in the midst of those that would willing betray the virtue of freedom to suite their own desires and paradigms. In particular, this is pointed at the Amendment One vote that approaches. It is unfathomable that seemingly normal and good natured people would, even for the briefest of moments, ever consider such a vile and despicable abomination. Nor is there any excuse to be allowed that validates the canadian generic viagra online trampling of rights belonging to every fellow citizen. Under NO circumstances should righteous indignation or self-asserted morality be allowed to revoke freedoms explicitly and self-evidently endowed not only to all North Carolinians, but to ALL United States Citizens. Furthermore, no amount of excuses shall be sufficient to cleanse the stains of tyranny by the majority from our history if such a disgusting Amendment were to generic levitra online pharmacy pass. For these very reasons, and many more, CNCAH finds it impossible to do nothing about such a blatant attempt to defile our state and our country to achieve an intangible comfort for those that don’t clearly understand or appreciate the true power, essence, beauty, glory, and honor of their own state or their nation.

Thus, CNCAH has officially joined the protest alongside The Alliance of the Sandhills – Fayetteville Region to stand united in opposition of Amendment One this Saturday, March 10th, in historic downtown Fayetteville at high noon. We highly encourage everyone that supports true freedom and rights for all people to come out and join us in a silent protest that sends a loud message to everyone that freedom is not to be denied anyone, and is cialis paypal not be doled out based upon the approval of demagogues.

Still not sure why you should be voting against Amendment One? Here’s a great summation of the major problems associated with this loosely worded attempt to deny people of their rights, and why it is imperative that you join the fight against the erosion of freedoms in our state and our country:

Protect ALL NC Families One-Pager

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CNCAH in Action!

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recognized the efforts of CNCAH members by publishing an article in Freethought Today!

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